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Honda Civic for Sale in Bangladesh

The Civic is a line of mid-size compact cars manufactured by the Honda Motor Co. for the Japanese and international automobile market. Honda decided to name their version as Civic when they decided to discontinue the production of Honda N600. The N600 line started in 1967 and was discontinued in 1970 and subsequently the initial production for Honda Civic started in 1972 and is still going strong after 43 years and 10 generations. It is a slightly smaller version of Honda Z600 but is larger than the Honda N600. All three of these cars belong to the same family of mid-sized compact vehicles. A comprehensive collection of Honda Civics for sale in Bangladesh can be found at Carmudi.

Civic’s earliest versions—the EF and the EG platform-based models received positive responses in Bangladesh in the early 90s. In the global market, the EF, in particular, stayed for a short time because the Honda Civic EG was introduced in the following 1992. The EG immediately became a strong choice for most of the established sedan nameplates of that time, like the Lancer and Corolla.

Honda Civic EK, which came after the EG, was marketed from 1996 to 2000. For offering the much-revered Variable Valve Timing Engine Control (VTEC) technology, the Civic EK became a trendsetter in the market. Along with popular Civic models, there were few other civic models came out with some new color palette, minor model changes and several design revisions, such as the Honda Civic VTi, Honda Civic LXi and the extremely popular Honda Civic SiR. Although the ES Civic, was not proven as a worthy successor o EK and failed to capture popularity and score higher sales numbers in the beginning.



4 stars


4.2 stars


3.8 stars


4 stars


3.7 stars


4.5 stars

Honda Civic overall score by Carmudi's car expert:
4 stars

Honda Civic Review

Honda Civic specification and performance

Honda Civic is a compact sedan car and is already in its 10th generation. The Honda Civic vehicles found in the Bangladeshi market generally have the following specifications:

  • They are available as front-engine front-wheel drive vehicles.
  • Honda does not manufacture diesel vehicles, so only Honda Civic is available.
  • The cylinder volume available is 1300cc or 1500cc.
  • 4 speed automatic or as a 5-speed manual transmission are available.
  • In Bangladesh, only sedan Civic models are found.

Honda Civic Dimensions

The overall dimension of Honda Civic is mentioned below:

Honda Civic Length (mm)


Honda Civic Width (mm)


Honda Civic Height (mm)


Honda Civic Weight (kg)


Honda Civic Wheelbase (mm)


Honda Civic Fuel Consumption

The Civic with CVT can provide fuel consumption of 14 km/L under combined state. Under the urban condition it can reach 12.3 km/L city and under the highway condition, it can reach 16.2 km/L.

Honda Civic Design

Honda Civic has a 4 door sedan body design. The Civic is the best-selling sedan model that Honda has ever manufactured. Its popularity can be estimated by the fact that Honda has sold a total of 16 Million Honda Civic cars and out of these 16 Million. Due to its aerodynamic nature, its design allows fuel economy.

Honda Civic Exterior

The Honda Civic 2015 model is distinguishable from its lightly-chiseled appearance, with an upward-raked belt line and more sculpted sides. Its front is distinctive for its black honeycomb mesh grille combined with a whale-shark-mouth lower bumper design that is very trend for in today’s vehicle designs. Civic's higher end models are equipped with fog lamps and flairs its overall front look. Bigger tail lights and redesigned trunk cover five the car a more muscular stature to its the back.

Honda Civic Interior

Honda has improved its interior comfort and design immensely by raising the level of sophistication inside the new 2015 Civic. The interior of the last two versions of Civic were widely criticized for using cheap materials. And now Honda proved that they have paid attention to the criticism and focused on the quality of the interior along with its to reduce noise and vibrations. The interior now has upgraded seat fabrics along with a new 7-inch touchscreen display with an integrated multi-view rear camera.

Honda Civic Color Options

The 2015 Honda Civic is available in five colors:

  • White Orchid Pearl
  • Modern Steel Metallic
  • Carnelian Red Pearl
  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Tafetta White


Honda Civic Safety Features

Standard advanced safety features in all Civic trim variants:

  • Door Beams
  • G-CON Body Structure
  • Child Seat Anchor (Isofix)
  • Child Lock
  • 3-point ELR Seatbelts
  • ABS
  • Security Alarm with Immobilizer
  • High Mount Stop Lamp


 For the higher end, EL trims have additional safety features such as:

  • Side Airbags
  • Multi-View Rear Camera
  • Vehicle Stability Assist
  • Side Curtain Airbags


Honda Civic Safety Ratings

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the Honda Civic the following ratings:

  • 5-star rating for side crash
  • 4-star rating for frontal crash
  • 5-star rating for rollover

Honda Civic Standout Features

The standout feature of Civic is surely its fuel economy. It has a gas mileage of 33 mpg which is a rarity for mid-sized sedans. Because for a manufacturer, it is difficult to achieve it on a mid-sized compact. In addition to providing lots of power, the 1.5L engines that Civic employs, it also allows it to do off-road trajectories like small country roads or unpaved tracks.

Honda Civic Accessories

To primp up your Honda Civic, you can choose from available Modulo and MUGEN Honda Civic Accessory Packages depending on what your dealer may offer. Generic factory-installed Honda Civic accessory packages dedicated for 2015 Civic are listed below.

  • Honda Civic Modulo 1.8 E
  • Honda Civic MUGEN0 EL

Honda Civic 2016 Review

The all new Honda Civic comes with a heap of improvements and new add-ons and goes on to show that a powerful engine never disappoints. Yes, the engine has come back even more powerful than it was before, and it accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a mere 8 seconds!

Honda Civic Compared to Other Sedans in Bangladesh

In the Philippines, the Honda Civic is often pitted against few car both in sedan and subcompact sedan category. Below you can find how Honda Civic performs against its competitors after a number of comparative features mentioned by local expert car reviewers:

  • Honda Civic vs Hyundai Elantra- Hyundai Elantra has a more poised design but the Honda Civic is smoother to drive.
  • Honda Civic vs Honda Fit- Honda Fit is compact and cheaper, but the Civic has better safety features.
  • Honda Civic vs Mazda AxelaThe Mazda Axela has slightly better fuel economy, but the Honda Civic has more practical features.

Buy a Honda Civic in Bangladesh

You can look for new, used and reconditioned Honda Civic cars for sale in Bangladesh with the help of Carmudi. Below is a list of Honda Civic cars for sale in your nearest city:

Honda Civic Price in Bangladesh

The availability of Honda vehicles in Bangladesh is very easy because, since the 1990s, Honda has been marketing its Civic model in Bangladesh which is not only appreciated but has also created an enormous goodwill for the Honda brand. The spare parts and labor are not very costly due to the same reason. A Honda Civic goes from BDT 9, 00,000 to BDT 25, 00,000 depending on condition, model, and other attributes. The expected average price list of Honda Civic cars according to current Carmudi listings looks like this:

Used Honda Civic Pricelist in Bangladesh

  • Honda Civic Hybrid 2010 Price: BDT 24, 00,000
  • Honda Civic Hybrid 2009 Price: BDT 20, 50,000
  • Honda Civic 2005 Price: BDT 11, 00,000
  • Honda Civic 2004 Price: BDT 10, 00,000


Why should you buy Honda Civic?

Honda Civic is a little bit special in the sense that it is a 4 door sedan, but its fuel efficiency and engine are remarkable. It owns all the qualities a compact car can have plus the added benefit of a trunk and more room for passengers. Honda Civic is the car of choice for people living in hilly areas but also of the people living in major urban centers such as Dhaka, Rajshahi and Chittagong. It is excellent for traveling with the family through the length and width of the country without going over the budget limits as well as for commuting within the city. In general, buyers would surely love the Honda Civic for its:

  • Durability and reliability
  • Roomy interior cabin
  • Multiple arrays of features and amenities
  • Good security features

Honda Civic Latest Offers in Bangladesh

Below you will find Honda Civic latest offers in Carmudi: