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BDT 530,000 Negotiable


Jahangir Jewel
  • 90,412 Km

the core benefit of my Kia Picanto is it comes with 1500 CC VVTI Engine from Toyota Probox (reconditioned), Toyota Gear box and Chiller A/C. So, no tension of parts crisis and gearbox problem of ...

BDT 2,695,000 Negotiable


  • 31,425 Km

Condition : Excellent Manufacturer : Kia Motors Car Name : Kia Sportage Model : 2014 Registration : 2015 Serial : 13 Engine : Dohc 16 V Displacement : 2000 CC Transmission : Automatic wit...

BDT 1,380,000 Negotiable


Amaramar00055 Amaramar00055
  • 113,000 Km

Hard top jeep Fully fresh . Looks and fells like new still now. No accident history No work needed Super Cool Original Ac. Driven by octane and CNG V6 Engine. 4WD Fully fresh Sunroof Leathe...

BDT 435,000 Negotiable


Sazidur Rahman Saad
  • 82,170 Km

BRAND-kia picontro Manufacturer - kia M. Corporation Year of Manufacture - 2006 Year of Registration - 2006 cc-1089 Mileage: 82170 Details:- 1. Color-Red 2. Octane 3.Manual Gear 4.C.D...

BDT 1,320,000 Negotiable


Ah8033428 Ah8033428
  • 110,000 Km

Hard top jeep Fully fresh . Looks and fells like new still now. No accident history No work needed Super Cool Original Ac. Driven by octane and CNG V6 Engine. 4WD Fully fresh Sunroof Leathe...

BDT 1,700,000 Negotiable


Sadnan8084 Sadnan8084
  • 79,999 Km

Its a very rear 3500 cc turbo engin very fresh condetion jeep.vehical is very rear in use and family used car .high quality sound system.hv no acident histry.if u visit once be seor u will like i...

BDT 2,380,000 Negotiable


Exclusive Car Centre
  • 14,830 Km

Please Call-01985778438 or 01714201008 KIA Sportage ( This Car Was Brand new) Model-2011 Registration-2011, CC-2000 Automatic, Fuel-Octane Type-Hard Jeep Millage-14230 Brand-KIA Dri...

BDT 2,550,000 Negotiable


  • 26,500 Km


BDT 450,000 Negotiable


Albab Fatmi
  • 63,000 Km

In running condition with properly functioning AC. Let's be frank, a car running in Dhaka traffic in last 11 years won't be in a show room condition and my car also has some minor dents.

BDT 2,550,000 Negotiable


M. S. M Car center
  • 26,000 Km

Manufacturer : Kia , Series : Sportage Model : 2012 Registration : 2012 Mileage : 26000 Serial : 13 Engine capacity :2000 cc. Transmission : Auto. Color : black Fuel System : Octane Opt...

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New, Reconditioned and Used Kia cars for sale in Bangladesh

Kia Motors Co. is a publicly traded South Korean vehicle manufacturer. Kia, along with Hyundai is one of the biggest automakers not only in South Korea but in the world. Kia is the second biggest manufacturer of motorcycles in South Korea and the automobile company which manufactures the highest number of compacts in the world. Kia Motors Co. was founded in 1944 in Seoul, South Korea where its corporate headquarters are located presently. Kia is one of the most renowned industrial conglomerates in South Korea and is locally known as a Chaebol. Apart from Hyundai, Kia is the only South Korean company in the top fifteen automobile manufacturers in the world.

Kia History

In 1944, the Korean auto company started its busienss as a bicycle parts company. 'Kia' means to “rising out of Asia“.In 1986 Kia partnered up with Ford to enter the automotive. Nowadays, almost 30 percent of the Kia company's  owned by co-Korean automaker Hyundai.

Kia has established itseld as a brand for cheap yet reliable cars. They made over 2.7 million vehicles global sales in 2012. In the Asian market, in 2013, it has ranked as eighth largest automotive company when it reached sales milestone of close to 6,000 brand new units. “The Power to Surprise” is Kia’s slogan. Consumer confidence and  the quality of its products has increased after Kia merged with Hyundai. 

Performance and Technology of Kia

Although Kia is very good at mechanical innovations such as fabricating engines, chassis and gear trains, its true expertise comes to the fore in the mechatronics and vehicle electronics domain. Kia vehicles have one of the most sophisticated electronic controls and communications systems on board among all the other vehicle manufacturers. Kia was one of the first companies to introduce a smartphone app to control the vehicle. In 2009, Kia introduced a diagnostic tool for Kia owners which would allow the owners to precisely pinpoint any fault in their Kia vehicle. The Kia design is among one of the best since 2007, Kia has hired Samsung designers for their vehicle concept which have brought fresh ideas and a new approach to automobile design.

Kia Safety Features

Despite branded as one of the most affordable car brands in the world, Kia did not go cheap on safety. To help handle the unexpected, Kia cars are equipped with a passive safety system. To help the driver assess his surroundings, larger cars come with a sensor management system.

Stanadrd safety features you can expect from a Kia car are multiple airbags- driver, side curtain airbags and dual front passenger, for these Kia have won top safety awards many times. Kia Sorento, the brand’s flagship vehicle is equipped with  ABS, an engine immobilizer, child safety locks, ESP and rear parking assist.

Kia Fuel Consumption

Some of the most fuel efficient cars among different automotive segments has been produced by Kia. Kia has adopted the fuel-saving Intelligent Stop and Go (ISG) technology along the EcoDynamics technology for some of its models to extend the fuel efficiency up to 12-percent and at the same time, lower its carbon footprint by simply stopping the car’s combustion process at the stationary state.

To make its cars more fuel efficient, downsizing the size of car engines is Kia's new appraoch. Like the Kia Sorento R, was equipped with a GDI engine, front wheel drive adjoined to a 6-speed automatic transmission was able to boost its fuel economy to 15 km/L, an inprovement by 38-percent. You will find the fuel consumption rates of popular Kia models under the highway condition:

  • Kia Rio 1.2-Liter LX sedan- 19.6 km/L
  • Kia Carens 1.7 CRDi- 20.8 km/L
  • Kia Forte 1.6-Liter LX- 14.3 km/L
  • Kia Picanto 1.2-Liter EX- 17.9 km/L
  • Kia Soul 1.6-Liter LX Diesel- 13 km/L

Popular Models of Kia in Bangladesh

The most popular Kia models available in Bangladesh are the Kia Spectra, Kia Sportage, Kia Picanto, Kia Rio and the Kia Classic. This car brand has managed to keep excellent reputation, class and good resale value which comes with the Kia brand name.

Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage, as its name suggests, is a compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Its production started in 1993 and Kia Motors Co. is currently producing its third generation. It is extremely popular upon its arrival to the international market. It offers exceptionally good fuel economy for an SUV without compromising the power.

Kia Spectra

The Spectra is a compact four-door, five-seaters, front engine, front wheel drive sedan vehicle manufactured by the Kia Motors Co. Worldwide, Spectra is the car that is most recognizable Kia car, as well as the best-selling model. Kia Spectra was produced between 2000 and 2009.

Kia Picanto

It is a small-sized city car with loads of features. This minicar comes with insane luggage space of 200 liters in its small body and offer motor driven power steering (MDPS). It was named “Bargain Car of 2011” by well known car critique Top Gear International. 

Availability and Price of Kia Cars in Bangladesh

Meghna Automobiles Ltd. is Kia's official distributor and dealer in Bangladesh. Kia vehicles are not only available easily in all the major Bangladeshi cities, they also command a lot of prestige due to their low fuel consumption and inexpensive spare parts. This is the reason why these cars have excellent resale value as well. The labor and after sales services are also easily available all over the country.

The price of reconditioned and used/second hand Kia cars offered on Carmudi can go from BDT 6, 00,000 up to 42, 00,000 depending on various factors. The general pricing of Kia cars according to Carmudi for you.

  • Kia Picanto 2005 price: Used – BDT 6, 20,000
  • Kia Picanto 2006 price: Used – BDT 6, 00,000
  • Kia Rio 2012 price: Used – BDT 21, 50,000
  • Kia Sportage price: Used– BDT 42, 00,000 
  • Kia Sorento price: Used– BDT 15, 00,000
  • Kia Soul price: Used– BDT 28, 50,000

Check out our collection of Kia cars for sale in your city on Carmudi:

Interesting Facts about Kia Cars

Kia means “coming out of Asia” in the Korean language. In late 90s during the Asian Financial crisis, Kia Motors Co. had to declare bankruptcy. Hyundai acquired more than 50% of Kia Motors Co then to prevent a takeover from the Ford Motors Co. The reason behind Kia's take over was following the financial crisis, another US company had already bought the Korean automobile giant Daewoo, and South Korea did not want to repeat the same mistake. Now more than 40% of Kia Motors Co. shares are owned by Hyundai.