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2008 Blue Mitsubishi Colt for Sale in Bangladesh

Mitsubishi Colt for Sale in Bangladesh

Mitsubishi introduced the nameplate "Colt" in 1962 as a line of small cars sold predominantly in Japan. It covers displacement car ranged from 600 to 1500 cc.The word Colt means ‘young horse’ to signal that the Colt is the smallest vehicle of the Mitsubishi product range and has nothing to do with the firearms manufacturer Colt. And it is one of the longest running cars of Mitsubishi and went through many facelifts.

Mitsubishi Colt Review

Mitsubishi Colt engine spec

Mitsubishi Colt is available in front-engine setting but comes in a front wheel or all-wheel drive. The third generation offers different powertrain of 1.1 L, 1.3 L, 1.5 L and 1.6 L petrol engine. Available in either 6 speed CVT automatic or 5-speed manual transmission, Colt’s 1.5 L four-cylinder engine produces 147 horsepower and 155 Nm torque. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in 12.5 seconds and has a top speed of 160 kilometers per second. The Colt is environment-friendly as well, emitting 119g/km of CO2 and provides 56.5 mpg fuel economy.

Mitsubishi Colt exterior design

Mitsubishi Colt comes in three doors or a five doors vehicle with a hatchback rear that opens vertically. For the exterior, the Colt followed the generic supermini-MPV-style look to the original Honda Jazz as inspiration. The hatchback rear reduces the curb weight of Mitsubishi Colt as well which in turn increases the fuel economy and keeps this vehicle conforming to the subcompact category. Visually it's hard to not to notice the car’s nose, which strongly resembles with the nose of the rally-bred Lancer Evolution. And this car always comes in bright colors like red, blue and often gray.

Mitsubishi Colt interior design

Its cabin impresses everyone with plenty of headroom and legroom. It has ample space for four adults, so do not let its small size fool you about its capacity. One of the remarkable options of the Mitsubishi Colt over some of its more conventional rivals is its practical cabin space. It's decent boot has a lot more luggage capacity. It has the 60/40 split and fold rear seats that can be pushed forward or flat, to increase seating space. Like the three-door model’s boot went from a meager 160-litres to 186-litres. There are lots of Multibox consists of a series of small cubbies in the cabin, that helps to accommodate smaller items so it won’t roam free and get lost in the car. Also, they made the car floor a bit lower in the three-door, which gives it a sportier feel. Even though its five-door version is only 140mm longer with the identical wheelbase.

Mitsubishi Colt features

For safety features, Mitsubishi Colt houses a usual combination of remote central locking and a factory-fit immobilizer along with regular airbags and seatbelts. For interior amenities, it has air-conditioning and a good audio unit with radio and CD, which works well and sounds good, with easy to use controls and clear display.

Mitsubishi Colt price in Bangladesh

Mitsubishi Colt is fairly a new car in Bangladeshi street. And you can purchase reconditioned Mitsubishi Colt from dealers with an expected price of BDT 12, 00,000 and above. The price can change over the model of the car, the condition of the car, mileage etc.

Mitsubishi Colt 2010 price: Reconditioned - BDT 17, 50,000

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Why should you buy Mitsubishi Colt?

Mitsubishi Colt is the subcompact vehicle which is fuel efficient. It is small enough to be handled in small parking spaces in urban environments. It is a well put together car build-wise. From the inside, it feels robust and durable and Mitsubishi has a good track record when it comes to reliability. Other cars in the same segments and give tough competition to Colt are Ford Fiesta, Honda Jazz, Hyundai i20 and Kia Rio. The Colt remains a pleasant and easy-going car to drive and own. It guarantees a sensible balance of performance and economy. As the Colt is quite a rare sight on the roads of Bangladesh, it still stands out today. You should own a Mitsubishi Fiesta for its:

  • Subcompact nature
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Sporty look of Mitsubishi Evo
  • Easy parking options