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BDT 950,000 Negotiable


Mozibur Fashionmart
  • 62,000 Km

* V6 engine / * Colour blue / * Cream colour interior with wooden panels / * very fresh interior / * Armrest / * Auto power sunroof / * Heated and power seat both in front / * Auto rear glass shi...

BDT 800,000 Negotiable


Smart Car
  • 65,978 Km

Family Used Car / Cefiro Limited Edition / Super Fresh / V6 Engine / 2000 cc / Octane Driven / All Documents Update Till November 2018 / Absolutely Exclusive. Fully Leather & Wooden Interior / P...

BDT 1,050,000


Asifur Rahman
  • 35,000 Km

Very comfortable beige leather seats, powered front seats, excellent climate control system with dual zone air conditioning and rear blowers, premium sound system, sunroof, 18-inch Nissan alloy w...

BDT 1,100,000 Negotiable


  • 140,000 Km

Nissan Cefiro with Sunroof and Full Wooden Panel.Army Officer Self Driven Car. Condition : Super Fresh Manufacturer : Nissan , Japan Series : Cefiro Model : 2004 Registration : 2005 Se...

BDT 1,500,000 Negotiable


sonet m cruze
  • 59,000 Km

Condition : Excellent (Very Limited use). Manufacturer : Nissan, Japan . Car Name : Nissan Cefiro . Model : 2007. Registration : 2007 Serial : 11 Engine : 6 Cylinder Displacement : 2300 cc . Tran...

BDT 1,150,000


Rahman Asifur1980
  • 35,000 Km

Very comfortable beige leather seats, power front seats, excellent dual zone air conditioner with rear blowers, sound system with 6 speakers, 6-disk CD changer with front loading CD player, 18-in...

BDT 780,000 Drive Away


Bappy Hossain
  • 90,000 Km

The BEST is here: Luxurious, Comfortable, Nissan Cefiro / Maxima Executive Sedan for Sale in Immaculate Condition, Original & Recent Pictures A great opportunity to own this immaculate condition...

BDT 1,250,000 Negotiable


Mohammad Shoeb Ali
  • 46,250 Km

Special features: 1) Motor operated: open to sky roof sun protection shield (back) driving and front seats 2) dual AC 3) original leather seat covers 4) back seat compartment access

BDT 1,250,000 Negotiable


  • 46,250 Km

Special features: 1) Motor operated: open to sky roof sun protection shield (back) driving and front seats 2) dual AC 3) original leather seat covers 4) back seat compartment access Asking pric...

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White Nissan Cefiro for Sale in Bangladesh

Nissan Cefiro for Sale in Bangladesh

The Cefiro is a midsize sedan from Nissan Motors, which was produced from 1988 to 2003, and then was replaced by Nissan Teana. During this period, the Japanese automaker produced three generations of this car. Although the production was ended in 2003, the first generation of Nissan Teana continued to be referred as Cefiro in many Asian markets. This went on till 2008 when the company launched the second generation Teana. At one point, Nissan also introduced a station wagon variant of the Cefiro, which was later discontinued.

The Nissan Cefiro was never officially sold in Bangladesh. However, private dealers imported it in great numbers. As it is no more in production, you can only find used Nissan Cefiro for sale in Bangladesh.

Nissan Cefiro Review

Nissan Cefiro Spec and Performance

The Nissan Cefiro was offered in four different powertrains using 2.0L, 2.5L, 3.0L and 3.5L V6 engines. These engines were available with either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission. However, the Teana came equipped with two engine options; a 2.0 liter and a 3.5 liter with XTronic CVT automatic transmission. The 2.0-liter engine produces 143 horsepowers and 195 Nm torque while the output capacity of the 3.5-liter engine is 228 horsepower and 333 Nm torque.

Nissan made several improvements in each new generation of the Cefiro, to achieve better performance. The most recent versions of the Nissan Cefiro are based on FF-L Platform, which was shared by the Nissan Altima, the Nissan Murano, the Nissan Quest and the Nissan Presage.

Nissan Cefiro design

First introduced with a slim design and narrow accents, the Cefiro’s style continued to evolve. The second generation Cefiro has set new standards of design with an all-new interior and exterior. The third and last generation of this sedan was inspired by and took most of its looks and technology from the Nissan Sunny. On the other hand, the Nissan Teana had its own style statement having a broader front grille with two horizontal struts. It also had larger headlamps stretched upwards.

The interior was refined in the so-called fourth generation Cefiro (actually the Teana). It has many luxury elements built in, with elegant color combinations and the use of premium materials. It features a new and stylish dashboard and a center console with wooden trims.

Nissan Cefiro special features

Right from the first generation, the Nissan Cefiro was equipped with the latest technologies and modern elements. Its most commendable features include wood panel, full automatic air conditioner, power windows, centralized door lock, tilt steering, seat belts with pre-tensioners, child seat with seatbelt, airbags, CD player, audio deck and optionally available navigation system. All Cefiro cars have front fog lamps while only some of these come with rear fog lamps and Xenon headlight. In addition, it uses the anti-lock braking system (ABS) as standard while limited slip differential (LSD) is optional.

Nissan Cefiro Price in Bangladesh

The Nissan Cefiro entered the Bangladeshi market when it was already in its third generation of production. However, it is the first generation Teana, which has achieved the highest popularity in this region. The old design should cost no more than BDT 14, 00.000, whereas, the newer models have an average price range of BDT 20, 00,000 to 27, 00,000. Below you will find the price list of Nissan Cefiro, according to the current Carmudi listings.

Nissan Cefiro 2006 price: Used - BDT 23, 50,000

Nissan Cefiro 2007 price: Used - BDT 26, 00,000

Check out our collection of Nissan Cefiro for sale in your city on Carmudi:

Why Should you buy Nissan Cefiro?

The Nissan Cefiro was one of the most sought after sedans across the globe, specifically Asia, which is why its name continued to be used even the original Cefiro’s production was abandoned. At its time, the Nissan Cefiro was a major competitor of the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord in many markets. If you find a well-maintained Nissan Cefiro car for sale in Bangladesh, in mint condition, you won’t regret buying it. Even today, it offers great performance and utmost comfort at a nominal price. in Bangladesh people still look for Nissan Cefiro because it is:

  • A well-priced executive car
  • Powerful V6 engine
  • Very good handling and driving experience
  • Luxurious presence on the road