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BDT 380,000 Negotiable


Faisal Alam
  • 100,000 Km

Corona select saloon Reg 1996 Chilled ac Document up to date 1496cc

BDT 390,000 Negotiable


Huq Sami
  • 122,000 Km

Since i am going for a new car so giving away my first car :-( Car condition is not good. You need to do the followings: Replace Engine Replace Tyres Daint & Paint Update papers after March 2018...

BDT 750,000 Negotiable


M.B. International
  • 70,000 Km

Car Detail's Brand Name :- Toyota Model Name : -Corona-Premio Year of Model :-1999 Year of Registration :- 2004 SL No : - 17 Present Mileage :-75000 CC :- 1600 Color : -White Fu...

BDT 300,000 Negotiable


  • 150 Km

Toyota- Corona, Registration: 1997, Model: 1992 150+ Km In 550 Taka Gas, Test Before Purchase All Auto Price- 3.75 Lakhs (Slightly Negotiable) Color- White and Spotless Inside and Out 1800 CC E...

BDT 850,000 Negotiable


Kaisul K. Anabil
  • 150,000 Km

Toyota Corona Premio 2001 (Limited Edition). Registration Year - 2004. Color - PEARL, CC - 1600. Transmission - Auto. Engine: Good in Condition (Recondition engine installed in 2011). AC - Exc...

BDT 410,000 Negotiable


Shabz IsĦmƛm
  • 53,000 Km

Toyota has delivered quality for years and this vehicle is no exception. This Toyota Corona select saloon 1995 G has travelled a total of 53000km and features a Automatic transmission system as w...

BDT 650,000 Negotiable


  • 99,000 Km

good conduction Brand:corona premio Model year:1996 Registration year:1999 Condition:Used Transmission:Automatic Model name:corona premio Body Saloon Fuel CNG, Octane Engine capacity:1580 cc Kilo...

BDT 230,000 Negotiable


Nayeemjahangir1677 Nayeemjahangir1677
  • 78,000 Km

Personal use car. Sell due to update model. ALL paper updated.

BDT 730,000 Negotiable


Nayemctg Nayemctg
  • 239,000 Km

Just buy and drive condition as i am using my self, No Driver used for this. Only used after office time. Performance based all spares (Shock Absorber, Radiator, Oil Mounting, Tiers, Battary) are...

BDT 820,000 Negotiable


Promit Salis
  • 189,025 Km

This is owner driven Toyota corona 1995 (Reg 1999) Specifications: All option auto, Auto transmission with O/D option Power steering Full interior modified Lathered seat cover Original so...

BDT 420,000 Negotiable


AR Chowdhury
  • 350,000 Km

Excellent Engine condition. Good condition AC, Power Window. Mobile: 01979847211

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Toyota Corona for Sale in Bangladesh

New, Reconditioned and Used Toyota Corona for Sale in Bangladesh

The Toyota Corona is a large family car sold by Toyota Motors Corporation between 1957 and 2002 in Japan. It was later replaced with Toyota Premio in Japan, Toyota Avensis in Europe and Toyota Camry in North America. The word ‘Corona’ means crown in Latin and Corona's name was inspired by the Toyota Crown. The Toyota Corona was the second sedan produced by Toyota, with Crown being the first. The Corona was also exported to the international markets along with Toyota Corolla and received an overwhelming response from customers worldwide. The Toyota Corona managed to stay in the market for almost a half century and was sold across eleven generations:

From the year 1957 to 1970 the series of T10 to T90 had been produced and exported all over the world

From 1973 to 1977 the T100 to T120 series had been introduced which included the various range of saloons and two-door coupes with different engine specifications.

With time, the popularity of the model had increased to a good extent and so did the production amount. It had spread all around the globe and the name had created a brand of its own among all the other cars.

Amar Toyota does not officially distribute Toyota Corona in Bangladesh. Due to its immense popularity worldwide, a number of Corona cars were parallel imported into Bangladesh in the 1990s mainly. Even after years of its discontinuation, you can still easily find used and reconditioned Toyota Corona for sale in all major cities of Bangladesh. The car is popular among Bangladeshi customers due to its timeless design and unmatched performance.

Toyota Corona Review

Toyota Corona Specifications and Performance

The Toyota Corona 2001, also known as the Toyota Corona Premio, is available in three trims: Base Premio, Premio E and Premio G. The car was introduced with a1.6 liter 4A-FE, 1.8-liter lean burn 7A-FE and 2.0 liter 3S-FE. The 2.0 liter 3S-FE engine has a maximum output of 112 hp and 125 lb/ft of torque. The available transmission includes 4-speed manual and automatic. All models have front-wheel drive system except the 2.0-liter model which is also available as four-wheel drive. The Toyota Corona achieves a 25-30 percent improved fuel economy as compared to other conventional engines in the market. The automatic Corona has three driving modes for the electronically controlled transmission: Normal, ECT PWR and ECT MANU mode.

The Corona car was way ahead of its times, when introduced, with its top-notch safety features. The Anti-lock Braking System with Brake Assist and driver and front passenger SRS Airbags were standard on all models. The Global Outstanding Assessment shock absorbing body and high-rigidity cabin provide maximum protection to the occupants in the event of a collision.

Toyota Corona Dimensions

Toyota Corona Length

173.2 inches

Toyota Corona Width

63.8 inches

Toyota Corona Height

55.1 inches

Toyota Corona Wheelbase

53 inches

Toyota Corona Weight

2525- 2576 lbs

Toyota Corona Fuel Consumption

The average rate of fuel consumption on the Toyota Corona is 31.6 miles per gallon.

Toyota Corona Design

From the year 1978 to 2002 the serial sequence of T130, T140, T150, T200 and T210 series was introduced. Different categories such as saloons, two-door coupes, 4-door wagons were provided in the corona model range.

Toyota Corona Exterior

The Toyota Corona has a broad exterior with smooth straight lines which give it an executive look. The exterior has an aura of sophistication and reliability. The front bumper features fog lights which were rarely available in cars at the time of Corona’s release. It also owns electronically retractable side mirrors.

Toyota Corona Interior

The Toyota Corona interior is simple, spacious, ergonomic and comfortable. The use of high-quality cabin materials has worked well to make the cabin quiet. The thick seats are comfortable without being rigid and offer ample head and leg room for both front and rear occupants. Other interior amenities include power mirrors, power door locks, Stereo, DVD TV navigation with the back camera, rear window defroster and remote keyless entry.

Toyota Corona Color Options

Colors options for the Toyota Corona are beige, beige metallic, copper metallic, dark blue metallic, etc.

Toyota Corona Safety Measures

Active and passive safety measures on the Toyota Corona include:

  • Shock-absorbing bumpers
  • Padded instrument panel
  • Oversized tail light
  • Side door guard beams
  • Forward gas tank placement
  • Collapsible steering column
  • Front disc brakes


Toyota Corona Safety Ratings

There are no current safety ratings for Toyota Corona available since the production of them stopped in 2002.

Toyota Corona Standout Features

The Toyota Corona is regarded as one of the more reliable 10-year old plus car models because as it distinguishes itself from others in its class with its

  • Three-mode automatic transmission
  • Shock-absorbing body
  • Front fog lights
  • Rear window defroster
  • Remote keyless entry


Toyota Corona Accessories

Depending on the owner you can have a Toyota Corona with accessories such as:

  • Stainless trim
  • Grille header
  • Silver emblem
  • Rear license plate bracket lock panel
  • Car side door edge protection guards
  • Carbon-style license plate frames


Buy a Toyota Corona in Bangladesh

Look for Toyota Corona cars for sale in Bangladesh with the help of Carmudi. You can look for used and reconditioned cars in your area:

Toyota Corona Compared to Other Cars in Bangladesh

  • Toyota Corona vs Toyota Corolla: Corolla is faster and reaches its top speed quicker than the Corona, whereas the Corona is is lighter with a higher maximum towing weight.
  • Toyota Corona vs Honda Accord: Corona is a cult favorite to those who believe old is gold, but the Honda Accord is a favorite with the newer generations.

Toyota Corona Price in Bangladesh

Interested customers can easily find used Toyota Corona for sale in Bangladesh for a price between BDT 3, 20,000 and BDT 10,00,000depending on the model, year and the condition of the car. Here we have the average price of Toyota Corona cars based on their year of production according to Carmudi listings for you.

Used Toyota Corona Price List in Bangladesh

  • Toyota Corona 2002 price: BDT 10, 00,000
  • Toyota Corona 2001 price: BDT 8, 50,000
  • Toyota Corona 2000 price: BDT 8, 00,000
  • Toyota Corona 1999 price: BDT 9, 00,000
  • Toyota Corona 1998 price: BDT 8, 10,000
  • Toyota Corona 1995 price: BDT 5, 20,000


Why should you buy Toyota Corona?

The Toyota Corona is an enduring and iconic vehicle from Toyota - a shining star in the brand’s history. It was recognized globally because of its fuel economy and versatility and was able to create a niche for itself in the thriving automobile industry. It has all the characteristics of an ideal family car. While the Toyota Corona does not have the latest technology features that cars of today boast, it does have a track record of brilliant performance and unmatched reliability. It competes closely with Bluebird of the other Japanese auto manufacturer Nissan plus Toyota CarinaCamry and Cressida in the Bangladeshi market. You should buy Toyota Corona because it provides:

  • Strong exterior and high endurance
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Adequate interior and boot space
  • Excellent driving experience
  • Reliability


Toyota Corona Available Models in Bangladesh

Look for the latest Toyota Corona cars for sale in Bangladesh with Carmudi: