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Black Toyota Estima for Sale in Bangladesh

Toyota Estima cars for sale in Bangladesh

The Efficient Estima

Toyota Estima is produced by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota. It is available in the market from 1990. This scrupulous vehicle has a different name in different countries like Hyundai H1 car. In Asia Pacific zone, it is known as Toyota Canarado. Outside Japan, the car is popularly known by another name ''Toyota Previa'' which means “preview” in Spanish language.

The lifespan has been extended to its third generation till now. First generation lasts from 1990 to 1999. Second generation ran until 2000 to 2005. And the latest generation is running from 2006 to Present. Toyota Estima now has its own hybrid version.

Toyota Estima Review

Toyota Estima Spec

Toyota Estima MVP has front engine and front wheel drive facility. The cars have a variety in engines. Latest models of this car have 2.4L 2AZ-FE 14 and 3.5L 2GR-FE V6 advance engines to serve better performance on the road. In Bangladesh, all of these cars have 2000cc to 2400cc engines in them. The first generation Estima’s had either manual or automatic transmission facilities in them. Some models of the second generation Estima’s had CVT transmission facility also. The latest generation does not have any manual transmission facility anymore. They have either automatic or CVT transmissions.

This vehicle is fuel efficient as well. Because some of the models have a fuel consumption of 21 km per liter which a good mileage is for a giant MVP! Depending on engines, they run on either petrol or Diesel. But in Bangladesh, both CNG and octane fuel facilities are available.

Designs and performance of Toyota Estima

Though initially Estima has simple body design, but over the time the outlook of this car receive a better makeover. The cool color base like white, polar white, silver make it different from its rivals such as Honda Odyssey (international) and Kia Carnival. The car has four doors and eight seats in them. There are four alloy wheels with 2950mm wheelbase.
The interior of this car is also very attractive. Footrest facility, rare AC, adjustable seats, and large space for keeping stuffs are an absolute advantage for the customers.

Safety features are also available in the cars. There are airbags, power steering, power lock and power windows, fog lights etc.

Availability and Price of Toyota Estima

In Bangladesh, brand new Toyota cars are not so common in the car market. So if you really want to buy a Toyota Estima, you have to go for a reconditioned or used one. Toyota Estima cars available in Carmudi have a price range from 5.9 Lakh BDT to 22 lakh BDT depending on the condition, mileage and year of production of the car. Here we have the average price of Toyota Estima cars based on their year of production according to Carmudi listings for you.

  • Toyota Estima 1998 price: Used – 7, 20,000 lakh BDT
  • Toyota Estima 1997 price: Used – 7, 00,000 lakh BDT
  • Toyota Estima 1995 price: Used – 6, 75,000 lakh BDT

Why should you buy Toyota Estima?

The Toyota Estima is one of the best-selling MVPs of Toyota. Not only in Bangladesh but in Australia and many parts of UK, this car is a wise choice as a good family and workplace too! You should buy Toyota Estima because:

  • It provide reliable and practical service
  • It has Toyota's trustworthy name
  • Provide great reliable and practical service 
  • Perfect for rough use