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BDT 3,100,000 Negotiable


Zam Zam Car & Automobiles-Dhaka
  • 57,000 Km


BDT 2,150,000


  • 30,000 Km

CLEARANCE SALE!!! CLEARANCE SALE!!! CLEARANCE SALE!!! ‘’ FULLY LOADED TOYOTA PRIUS HYBRID’’ -Model : 2010 -Transmission Automatic - G-Edition -COLOUR :Z Black -Touch TV -Touch Option -Silver...

BDT 1,500,000 Negotiable


Syed Nabil
  • 66,000 Km

It's a 2nd Generation Toyota Hybrid Prius with 2014 registration. All the papers are up to date. The fuel efficiency is excellent, even in typical traffic condition of Dhaka City. Gives me abou...

BDT 2,900,000


  • 28,720 Km

Condition : Fully Recondition Car Location : COMING SOON. SPECIFICATION: TOYOTA PRIUS ALPHA, HYBRID, CHASSIS CODE : ZVW40-, YEAR : 2012, PEARL COLOR, PUSH START, Optic Meter, Audio/AC/Blueto...

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MH Auto
  • 29,457 Km

Built In Air-Condition , Power Steering, Power Window, Power Mirror(Retractable), HID Projection Head Light, Black Full Leather Seat, Optical Miter, Crouse Control, Smart Kee, p...

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MH Auto
  • 38,457 Km

Built In Air-Condition , Power Steering, Power Window, Power Mirror(Retractable), HID Projection Head Light, Black Seat, Optical Miter,2 Door Power, Body Kit, Sun/Moon Roof , R...

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MH Auto
  • 34,125 Km

Built In Air-Condition , Power Steering, Power Window, Power Mirror(Retractable), HID Projection Head Light, Black Seat, Optical Miter, Crouse Control, Smart Kee, premium sound...

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MH Auto
  • 40,125 Km

Built In Air-Condition , Power Steering, Power Window, Power Mirror(Retractable), HID Projection Head Light, Black Seat, Optical Miter, Crouse Control, Smart Kee, premium soun...

BDT 2,450,000 CIF only (cargo, import, freight)


ASK AUTO JAPAN Md sohek khan rana
  • 23,000 Km

Toyota has delivered quality for years and this vehicle is no exception. This Toyota Prius 1500 2012 24000 has travelled a total of 23000km and features a Automatic transmission system as well as...

BDT 1,700,000 Negotiable


New City Ride
  • 30,387 Km

Toyota PRIUS HYBRID 2009 model Wine Color. All Auto. Cruse Control . AC . Radio . DVD . Navigation . Push Start . Optical Meter . Back camera. Touch Screen Multimedia System . Key less Lock/ ...

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  • n/a

Recondition Toyota Prius HYBRID 2011 with automatic transmission is for sale in Dhaka. Toyota Prius HYBRID 2011 runs on petrol and has a promo list price subject to further discussion with the...

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White Toyota Prius for Sale in Bangladesh| Toyota Prius Image

New, Reconditioned and Used Toyota Prius for Sale in Bangladesh

In 1997, Toyota made a breakthrough with their first ever electric car, the Prius. Second in the line for mass production in the hybrid category, this car had an immediate impact just after the release of the Honda Insight. Facing the challenge of acceptance, this car did pretty well considering the availability of several other cars and that too with just one factor, the hybrid factor. Over the years, Toyota had developed Prius into such a success that today it is claimed to be the most cleanest and popular hybrid car in the world.

Toyota Prius Review

Toyota Prius changed the way for an entire category of fuel-efficient vehicles with a promise to save drivers money on oil without compromising usability or requiring them to plug the car into the wall every day. That's why Toyota has been investing in Toyota Prius over many years. So far, there are three Toyota Prius versions available.

Toyota Prius Specifications and Performance

XW10 series

Introduced in 1997, this car was one of the groundbreaking moves made by Toyota. It was the world’s first ever mass produced gasoline-hybrid car. Even being an electric car, it never failed to perform as it could still run at higher speeds and travel longer distances. Within a few months of its introduction, it was given the title of being an Ultra Low Emission Vehicle.

XW20 series

The second generation of the Prius made its move in 2003 as Toyota upgraded the previous series into something way better. The specifications of this car were stripped of completely and redesigned in making the car more user-friendly. The car was restructured with a redistributed mechanical and interior space significantly increasing rear-seat legroom and luggage room. It was more aerodynamic as it was equipped with a kammback body and was given a smaller yet powerful NiMH battery. It gained the title of being apartial zero emission vehicle and was classified as a Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle. 

XW30 series

The latest generation of Prius was introduced in 2009. With a much more aerodynamic body, the market had a more stable version of the Prius then. Later Toyota introduced 3 different versions of the XW30 series with each meeting a particular demand.

Prius Plug-In Hybrid

Prius V/ Prius C

The fourth generation Prius is already under development by Toyota. Titled as the Prius PHV series this will focus mainly on a more fuel economic engine, a lighter body and lower price. It is expected to hit the mainstream market by 2015.

Toyota Prius Dimensions

Toyota Prius Length

4500 mm

Toyota Prius Width

1685 mm

Toyota Prius Height

1465 mm

Toyota Prius Wheelbase

2745 mm

Toyota Prius Weight

1310 kg

Toyota Prius Fuel Consumption

According to users of the Prius, here is a list of its fuel consumption rates over the years:

  • Toyota Prius 2016 Mileage: 54.6 mpg
  • Toyota Prius 2015 Mileage: 45.3 mpg
  • Toyota Prius 2014 Mileage: 47.8 mpg
  • Toyota Prius 2013 Mileage: 47.3 mpg


Toyota Prius Design

The Toyota Prius is designed for efficiency and perfection. Its hybrid engine helps cut down on your carbon footprint, and the aerodynamically strealined body helps the car to speed up. The design is simple, smart and sophisticated. You ought to adore the Prius if you ae into designs like these.

Toyota Prius Exterior Design

The design of the exterior is built with aerodynamics in mind. It not only gives the car a smart looking exterior but also helps it achieve higher speeds by cutting down air drag. The halogen headlamps ensure that night vision is not a problem, and at the same time it adds to the aesthetics of the car. The Prius also sports rear window wipers and rear combination lamps.

Toyota Prius Interior Design

The interior of the Toyota Prius is plush and designed with high end materials to ensure your maximum comfort. The car offers ample headroom and legroom, and a lot of cargo space, something that is not very common in hybrid cars. In addition there is trip meter control switches, audio control and eco drive support monitor. The automatic AC system smart, monitors the weather and regulates the temperature in the car accordingly.

Toyota Prius Color Options

Some of the colors that the Toyota Prius is available in are:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Gray
  • Silver
  • Red


Toyota Prius Safety Measures

Safety features on the Toyota Prius include:

  • Smart Key Entry
  • Anti Theft System
  • SRS Airbags for Passengers
  • Sealtbelts
  • EPS-VSC Integrated Control System 


Toyota Prius Safety Rating

The Toyota Prius has received a rating of 5 stars for driver safety and 4.5 stars for passenger safety from the NHTSA.

Toyota Prius Accessories

Notable accessories available for the Toyota Prius include:

  • 15” 10-spoke alloy wheels
  • Aero side splitter
  • Alloy wheel locks
  • Body side moldings
  • Door edge guards
  • All weather floor liners
  • Cargo tote
  • Ashtray cup
  • Emergency assistance kit


Buy a Toyota Prius in Bangladesh

You can look for Toyota Prius cars for sale in Bangladesh with Carmudi. Below is a list of Toyota Prius cars available for purchase in an area near you, as listed under Carmudi:

Toyota Prius 2016 Review

The latest generation of the Toyota Prius was made available to the automobile market in 2015, and the 2016 version of this green vehicle is undoubtedly the fairest of them all. It is deemed to be the best looking model of Prius yet. It is also more efficient than its ancestors and its fuel efficiency just keeps getting better with the years. If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, Toyota Prius is a great option for you.

Toyota Prius Compared to Other Hybrids in Bangladesh

  • Toyota Prius vs Honda Civic Hybrid: While the Prius offers ample luggage space, the Civic Hybrid is more spacious for its passengers
  • Toyota Prius vs Honda Accord Hybrid: While you can get the Toyota Prius for a cheaper price, the Honda Accord is larger and more spacious.

Toyota Prius Price in Bangladesh

Prius might have had an excellent reputation outside the boundaries of Bangladesh, but the popularity has not yet spiked in the local market. The reason is mainly because of the initial price tagged to the car itself. With a high rate of tax, the car apparently turns out to be a bit costly which eventually down performs the benefits of the world’s most popular hybrid car. The price of Toyota Prius cars available in Carmudi starts from BDT 25, 00,000. The market yet looks optimistic for the four wheeler and given the low maintenance cost this car is an ideal vehicle for an environmentally conscious person given the rising pollution issues in the city of Dhaka and Chittagong.

Reconditioned Toyota Prius Hybrid Pricelist in Bangladesh

  • Toyota Prius Hybrid 2010 Price: BDT 22,00,000 
  • Toyota Prius Hybrid 2009 Price: BDT 22,00,000

Toyota Prius Latest Offers in Bangladesh

You can look for the latest offers on Toyota Prius with Carmudi: