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BDT 400,000


  • 100,000 Km

Toyota Starlet Model - 1992, Reg - 1998 White color, body kit, AC, CNG 60 liter, 1331 cc EFI engine, CD sound system, spoiler, rain shade, interior and outside fresh and good looking, ready car,...

BDT 520,000


  • 85,000 Km

Toyota Starlet Reflet Model - 1997, Reg - 2002 White color, AC, CD sound system, 1331 cc EFI, bumper, rain shade, auto gear, CNG 50 liter, power steering, tip top condition.

BDT 180,000 Negotiable


Fourcolor Fourcolor
  • 1,222,222 Km

Toyota starlet, EFI engine, 1330 cc, Auto gear, CNG and Octane, AC open, Digital paper, blue book, Paper up to date till april 24, 2018 , white color Running car,

BDT 450,000 Negotiable


  • 50,000 Km

TOYOTA Starlet Solil L, Model-1994, Reg-2000, Serial-13, Color- Blue, CC-1500 New engine installed 3 months ago, New Cng 60 Ltr, Full option Auto ,4 New tyres with fantastic 14" alloy rims, Super...

BDT 450,000


Abdur Tasin
  • 62,000 Km

Toyota starlet reflect Model: 1998 Reg: 2000 Cng converted All papers up Full body painted recently fresh interior no work needed.

BDT 400,000 Drive Away


Mehdi Hassan
  • 160,458 Km

This Red Toyota Starlet 1989 is sure to sell quickly with a pricetag of BDT425000. With a Automatic transmission system and a mileage of 160458km on the clock, you are sure to have many safe an...

BDT 540,000 Negotiable


Sujanchy Sujanchy
  • 174,000 Km

Manufacturer : TOYOTA, JAPAN. Series : Starlet reflet. Model : 1998 . Registration : 2003 Mileage: 1,70,000 KM. Serial : 15 Engine : EFI. Displacement : 1331 CC. Transmission : Automatic ...

BDT 510,000 Negotiable


Riz Ahmed
  • 259,999 Km

Toyota Starlet Reflet Model: 1997 Reg 2003 Power steering, Auto gear 15 serial Papers update till February 2019 40L cng Ac surperb chill Also original engine is in very good condition...

BDT 470,000 Excluding Government Charges


Shahidul Islam
  • 100,000 Km

Papers updated. Owner driven.

BDT 450,000 Negotiable


J R Car Centre
  • 95,000 Km

Series :Starlet Soliel Model : 1995 Registration: 2000 Mileage : 95000 Engine : EFI Serial : 14 Engine capacity : 1331 cc. Transmission : Auto. Color. white Fuel System : Octane & cng O...

BDT 230,000


Tahsinpathik Tahsinpathik
  • 100,000 Km

toyota starlet-1989 . ac is not working paper up to date digital number plate engine condition good

BDT 270,000 Negotiable


M.B. International
  • 50,000 Km

Toyota Starlet : Model- 1988 Year of registration- 1993 Mileage- 50000km Engine- 1300cc Color- White Fuel- Cng & oc...

BDT 470,000 Drive Away


Ami1raz499 Ami1raz499
  • 96,000 Km

Brand-Toyota Model -Starlet Reflet Model year - 1996 Registration - 2001 Mileage - 96000 CC - 1300 Auto Gear A/C- Perfect Cooling Color - White Fuel - Octane S - 13 Fully Fresh & Comfor...

BDT 510,000


Istiak H.Khan
  • 172,000 Km

Toyota Starlet Reflect F Model:1997 Reg: 2002 (15 Serial) Engine:1331cc EFI ( CNG Converted) Color: White Auto Gear, Power Steering, Manual Window and Mirror. Smooth Engine With Gearbox And ...

BDT 350,000 Negotiable


Omer Faruque
  • 120,000 Km

Very fresh condition, just need some touch up. Document will expire in April 2018.

BDT 320,000 Negotiable


Shehabboss Shehabboss
  • 100,000 Km

Family used car 4E EFI engine fresh DM KHA-11 serial AC fully OK Body kit installed Grameen phone VTS system 4 new tyres HID head lights Door pad and seat modified Transmission, door and...

BDT 480,000 Negotiable


Mama Vagina Car World
  • 99,000 Km


BDT 225,000

Nij Kurua

Iliasmiahjg Iliasmiahjg
  • 100,000 Km

Starlet EP 71 model. Auto power & transmission. Paper up to date July,2018. EFI engine. Front tyre new, good condition.

BDT 490,000


Fkarim74 Fkarim74
  • 120,000 Km

A nice car for a long drive, New Battery & 4 shock absorber & break show Cool AC, Fresh looking & seat cover and DVD with back camera. well maintain & excellent run in both fuel and gas. D...

BDT 545,000


Jahangir Alam
  • 85,000 Km

Ac looking good paper update no need any work everything is good

BDT 680,000 Drive Away


Wasisems Wasisems
  • 32,600 Km

A self driven car. Well maintained and driven by Air Force officer. Reason of selling : Proceeding to UN Mission . Only real buyers are encouraged to contact ,,,,

BDT 530,000 Negotiable


Tushar Zaman
  • 120,000 Km

Toyota starlet carat, model-1997,Reg.-2002,1331 cc,CNG 40 lit. Meroon colour,AC ice cool, engine good condition,All paper up to date,Tilt power steering,CD Mp3 ,Radio Sound system.Original head l...

BDT 450,000 On the Road Price


  • 100,000 Km

Toyota starlet solielL Model : 1993 Papers all update 2018 july Its a personal driven car Totally fresh and fit for exclusive person

BDT 490,000 Drive Away


Asifdec82 Asifdec82
  • 618,000 Km

Full auto. MINT A.C. Ferrari Red colour. Mostly octane driven. Self Driven. Fresh interiors.

BDT 340,000 Negotiable


Rashed Siddique
  • 250,000 Km

Paper update up to September 2018

BDT 370,000 Negotiable


Shamiul Hassan
  • 115,000 Km

Power window, hutch back with spoiler, illuminated front grill & fully running condition. All papers updated with digital blue book.

BDT 450,000


  • 65,000 Km

# My family used Toyota Starlet # Home/office used only within dhaka (Banani-Farmgate-Gulshan) # Very well maintained # Cool AC / Well maintained # Fresh interior/exterior # New Engine with gear ...

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White Toyota Starlet for Sale in Bangladesh

Toyota Starlet for Sale in Bangladesh

The Toyota Starlet is a subcompact car manufactured by Toyota between 1973 and 1999, till bein replaced by one of the most favorite hatchbacks in the local market, Toyota Vitz, Also called Publica Starlet, this vehicle was produced in five generations over its 26 years of existence.

Toyota Starlet Review

Toyota Starlet Engine Specifications and Performance

The Toyota Starlet faced numerous mechanical changes in its five generations of production. It was initially available in two engine options. The possible engine options are: 1.00 liter inline four-cylinder engine (standard in all generations except the last), 1.16 liter inline four-cylinder engine (available in first two generations only), 1.30 liter inline four-cylinder engine (introduced in second generation), 1.33 liter and 1.45 liter inline four-cylinder engine (introduced in fourth generation).

In addition to that, the transmission systems available with these engines included four-speed manual (standard in all generations), five-speed manual (introduced in second generation), three-speed automatic (introduced in fourth generation) and four-speed automatic (introduced in fourth generation).

Toyota Starlet Dimensions

Toyota Starlet has the following dimensions:

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Weight (kg)


Ground Clearance (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Toyota Starlet Fuel Consumption

Toyota Starlet is a highly fuel efficient car owing to its design and the market it was targeted towards. The statistics for its outstanding mileage are below:

  • Toyota Starlet 1998 25.9mpg
  • Toyota Starlet 1997 32.5mpg
  • Toyota Starlet 1995 25.3mpg

Toyota Starlet Design

The Toyota Starlet was introduced in sedan, coupe and station wagon body style. Though, the coupe and sedan versions were eliminated after the first generation. The station wagon production ended after the second generation. The Japanese automaker introduced the hatchback body style in the second generation, which had the longest production life. Both station wagon and hatchback were available in three-door and five-door variants. Anyone can tell, Starlet's design and powertrain were mainly inspired by the Toyota Corolla.

Toyota Starlet Exterior Design

The exterior design of the Starlet screams practicality. It comes in two kinds of door options: the three door option and the five-door option. You won't be disappointed by the body work, the wheel trims and the color keyed bumpers. Looking into the details, you ought to notice tinted glass, high mounted stop lamo and internally adjustable external mirrors.

Toyota Starlet Interior Design

The cabin of the Starlet was designed to give you utmost comfort and a pleasant riding experience. It has a superior interior trim, and has an in built car entertainment system, so that those long hours on the road are never boring.

Toyota Starlet Color Options

Toyota Starlet comes in a variety of strong colors - Blue Metallic, Copper Metallic, Coral Metallic, Light Beige, Light Blue Metallic, Red, Shell Metallic, Silver Metallic, White, and Yellow.

Toyota Starlet Safety Features

The improved safety features on the Toyota Starlet include improved seat belts and dual airbags. The car also underwent crash tests during which the car doors were closed, but they could easily be opened after the crash. Even though this car does not compete with the modern day safety features on today's cars, it has a pretty good safety rating when put into its own time.

Toyota Starlet Best Features

This car has Toyota’s durability, a number of engine options and easy availability of spare parts, which is clearly unique for other cars in the same class. Moreover, it is also available in sports variants that were powered by turbochargers for improved performance and strength.

Toyota Starlet Accessories

Due to its age, accessories for the Toyota Starlet are not produced by the manufacturer anymore. However, aftermarket accessories of all kinds are available for the interested buyer.

Where can I buy a Toyota Starlet in Bangladesh?

You can find a Toyota Starlet for sale in your area with the help of Carmudi. Check out our Toyota Starlet listings for your city:

Toyota Starlet 2016 Review

Since the production of Toyota Starlet stopped back in the year 1999, there are no new cars to review for 2016.

Toyota Starlet Compared to Other City Cars in Bangladesh

  • Toyota Starlet vs Honda Civic: Toyota Starlet has a faster acceleration, but Honda Civic has a higher top speed.
  • Toyota Starlet vs Daihatsu Charade: Daihatsu Charade has a better handling, but Toyota Starlet is more durable.

Toyota Scarlet Price in Bangladesh

The Starlet has become a people’s ride in Bangladesh because of durability, longevity, availability, and low price. It is the most suitable car for the traffic and weather condition in Bangladesh. Starlet is the lowest priced car in Bangladesh regardless of the condition. Because of its high quality, many available well-maintained Starlet cars are still a good condition even the production of this special model was stopped in 1999. Toyota Starlet is user-friendly and is low-cost in terms of maintenance. Due to availability of spare parts in the local market, servicing becomes easier, time-saving, and cheap. The price range of Starlet is around 350,000-700,000 in BDT. According to the current Carmudi listings the price of used Toyota Starlet is mentioned below:

Toyota Starlet 1998 price: Used - BDT 6, 00,000 to 7, 50,000

Toyota Starlet 1997 price: Used - BDT 5, 50,000 to 6, 00,000

Toyota Starlet 1995 price: Used - BDT 4, 50,000

Why Should You Buy a Toyota Starlet?

If you are looking for a trouble free motor, and a long lasting and reliable ride, Toyota Starlet may be an excellent option. Look into Toyota Starlet if you are searching for:

  • Simplicity
  • Durability
  • Simple Design
  • Reliable Engine

Toyota Starlet Offers in Carmudi

Below you will find the latest Toyota Starlet offers in Carmudi: