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BDT 69,000 Negotiable


Imran Khan
  • 15,000 Km

shob kichu new lagano hoyeche..... 100% fresh. 37/38 jay par littere...... dhaka metro ho phone: 01681882630

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Reconditioned motorcycles in Bangladesh

The industry of the reconditioned market might not be as vibrant and widespread as the automobile category but is quite popular in several nations spread across the globe. Ruled by several manufacturers, the concept of reconditioned bikes stretches a bit more than that of the four wheelers market. In a marketplace like Bangladesh, such models are quite popular given the good value it offers for the price being paid. Given some considerations, these refurbished models are well structured with all delicate configurations shared by brand new models.

The motorcycle industry in the local market has been of major importance since the very beginning. The inception of motorcycles in the mainstream transportation sector of Bangladesh took place in the early 80’s. Scooters existed for a long time but after its introduction, motorcycles soon overtook everything else as the most popular mode of personal vehicle. Today, over running the numbers of cars by a far greater number, it is the most feasible and ideal mode of transportation for cities in a country likes Bangladesh. Buy Reconditioned Hero HondaThe reconditioned motorcycle market is captured by Indian Brands like Bajaj, Hero Honda and TVS. Few brands form Japan namely Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda are also popular here but their number is still less.

Popular Brands and models

Definitely Indian Brands are more popular in Bangladesh. Bajaj Pulsar and Discover are seen every corner of the country. Hunk from Hero Honda is also popular to the young generation. TVS Apache and Flame is also popular to them as well. Other models like Hero Honda Splendor, Passion, TVS victor, Honda CDI, LML Freedom etc. are popular to the mid-age people.Reconditioned TVS for sale Chinese Brands are also popular to the rural people but they buy only the new one.

Why reconditioned Bikes?

In simple words, it is a wise option for almost everyone. There are some specific reasons why people choose this type of motorbikes. Firstly, it is feasible given the price tag. Bikes are cheap and reconditioned bikes are cheaper. For anyone looking for a good two wheeler can easily acquire one for a low cost. Secondly, for a newbie it is always a better option to go for a reconditioned or a used bike rather than just storming to a brand new model given the risk of future damage. Another important fact is similarity. Even though refurbished it is as good as new. It has everything that its newer compatriot has with only previous mileage being the issue. Last but not the least is a common factor be it new, reconditioned or old. It is the matter of fuel economy which is far greater than that of the four wheelers. For a nation like Bangladesh where exists a market of unstable oil price, a bike is always an economical option.