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Motorcycles for Sale in Bangladesh

In today’s world, good transport is the key of development and comfort. We are all constantly on the move, between places, homes, shops, workplaces and schools. If, in the words of very philosophical authors, life is a journey, then our vehicles are the wheels that keep us moving. They are perhaps the most important modern day amenity we own. They keep us on the go and get us to your desired destinations with ease and convenience.

Today, though, vehicles are more than just transport devices. They reflect much more. They reflect their owners’ tastes, their preferences, their status and even their personality.

Why buying a motorcycle would be best for me in Bangladesh?

Motorcycles are a convenient mode of transportation for everyone. Anyone can learn the driving and get the license very easily. It is also comfortable and easily accessed. You do not need to wait for your driver.

Another relevant factor is the traffic scenes in the big cities like Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna are very alarming. Whether you own a mid-range four wheeler or a flashy luxury car, most of the vehicle-clogged streets of these cities and will keep you stuck for hours in traffic regardless of what vehicle you are riding. Smarter beings battling this horrendous traffic scene are those who opt for motorcycles instead. You can take the shortcuts easily with a Motorcycle while with cars, it is impossible.

Motorcycles are both a more economic and affordable option as well as a more convenient one, depending on your tastes. They obviously cost less than buying a car. And you can easily find motorcycle apparel and motorcycle accessories in Bangladesh and their prices are very decent. Parts like motorcycle battery prices in Bangladesh is very reasonable. Managing a motorcycle license is cheaper and obtaining a motorcycle driving license in Bangladesh is easier for its low fees. Moreover, they are smaller and more equipped at driving past the traffic scenes and slipping in between the larger vehicles crowding up the streets. An added bonus, a more interesting one, is the thrill and sense of adventure that comes from riding a bike. And you can make your appearance tough and intimidating by wearing motorcycle armor. While the motorcycle is not for everyone, this sense of thrill is something an adventurous few enjoy immensely.

Most popular Motorcycles brands and prices in Bangladesh

There are many brands of motorcycles commonly used in all over the country, the famous of which are the mostly from the Indian origin. There are various other options from Chinese manufacturers producing very good looking motorcycles. Following are the brands, models and prices of some commonly used motorcycles in Bangladesh and likely to be available in Carmudi.

Bajaj motorcycles for Sale in Bangladesh

One of the leading Indian Motorcycle producers that dominating the motorcycle market of Bangladesh. Established during the British era in 1945, soon become a pioneer in both two and three wheelers vehicle in the subcontinent. In 1985, Bajaj became the world’s 3rd largest motorcycle manufacturers and around 34% of all Bajaj motorcycles are exported worldwide. Low prices, fuel efficiency, availability of spare parts and after sales services have made Bajaj popular in Bangladesh.

Below you will find Bajaj motorcycle price list in Bangladesh.

Walton motorcycle for Sale in Bangladesh

Walton is a concern of Bangladeshi RB Group of Industries and got huge popularity for being the first Bangladeshi brand for own electronics devices and vehicles. Currently, they producing 80cc to 150cc motorcycles, that has been exported in different countries. Modern design, a wide range of models and finally the Bangladeshi brand name has given Walton a height of its own among the bike lovers.

Below you will find Walton motorcycle price list in Bangladesh.

Suzuki motorcycle for Sale in Bangladesh

Another famous Japanese motorcycle maker Suzuki has a long history and success in motorcycle production. Previously there was no official distributor of Suzuki motorcycle in Bangladesh, now due to its growing popularity, Rankon Motorbikes Limited is the sole distributor of Suzuki motorcycles in Bangladesh, selling brand new/reconditioned bikes. It is known for manufacturing beautifully masculine bikes like Suzuki Hayate or Suzuki Gixxer that appeals to bikers of every age.

Below you will find Suzuki motorcycle price list in Bangladesh.

Yamaha motorcycle for Sale in Bangladesh

Yamaha is a well-known Japanese manufacturer of marine vehicles and motorcycles found in 1955 and later become a worldwide name for producing a diverse range of sports, street and even luxury motorcycles others are street motorcycles. Due to its Japanese origin, Yamaha bikes are often very expensive in Bangladesh. Great agility, off-road capability and years of good reputation, has made Yamaha motorcycle the dream bike for many.

Below you will find Yamaha motorcycle price list in Bangladesh.

TVS motorcycle for Sale in Bangladesh

The popular Indian brand TVS started its commercial production on the motorcycle in 1984. It had a long time collaboration with the Japanese auto manufacturer Suzuki and exchanged design and technology for manufacturing two wheelers suitable for the Indian market. They became the leader in 100cc Mopeds production and also introduced widely appreciated Scooty. Recently TVS is collaborating with German automaker BMW Motorrad and will develop motorcycles below 500cc.

Below you will find TVS motorcycle price list in Bangladesh.

Hero Honda motorcycle for Sale in Bangladesh

World’s largest 2-wheeler manufacturer, Hero Honda started production with its joint venture between Japanese Honda and Indian Hero Cycle in 1984. And since then, this Indian motorcycle giant captured 46% market share along with the title of  the largest motorcycle producer over the years. It's motto it to provide high-class motorcycles with good fuel efficiency  to the middle-class people.   

Below you will find Hero Honda motorcycle price list in Bangladesh.

Few other motorcycles brands that worth mentioning for Bangladeshi market are LML, Bennett, Dayun, H Power, Haojue, Harley-Davidson, Keeway, Lifan, Piaggio, Regal Raptor, Um, Znen, Zongshen etc.

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