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Suzuki Motorcycles for sale in Bangladesh

Suzuki Motorcycles for sale in Bangladesh

Suzuki is one of the biggest automakers from Japan. It has a long history and success in motorcycle production like other Japanese companies namely Honda and Yamaha. The company was founded in 1909 as a producer of loom weaving machine. Later they started producing small cars in 1937. During the World War II, the production of the company was stopped due to government declaration. After the war, the country needed affordable personal transportation which encouraged the company to produce motorcycle.

The motorcycle production happened in 1953 with the model named Power Free. This motorcycle has a single horsepower, two-stroke engine with a capacity of 36cc. With a huge number of productions, the company was renamed as Suzuki Motor Company Limited in 1954 and started producing other models of Suzuki motorcycles. This is now a multinational brand and became the 10th largest automaker all around the world in 2011.

Suzuki motorcycles are getting popularity day by day. Previously there was no official distributor of this brand motorcycle in our country. Currently, Rankon Motorbikes Limited is distributing Suzuki motorcycles in Bangladesh. As a result, the availability of Suzuki motorcycles are easy now and people can grab the chance to use these motorcycles more.  

Technologies and special features in Suzuki motorcycles

Suzuki has revolutionized the motorcycle concept with many new technologies and features. They have a strong presence in all categories of motorcycle productions. They have introduced the navigation system in their bikes in 2001. The Suzuki Advanced Cooling System was introduced in 1908s which gives better durability of the Suzuki motorcycles. The Suzuki Eco Performance (SEP) technology is developed by Suzuki Motorcycle India which offers best fuel efficiency and performance.

Popular models of Suzuki in Bangladesh

Suzuki Hayate

The Japanese word Hayate means ‘Fresh Breeze’ or ‘Swift Wind’. This 4-stroke motorcycle has 112cc engine with air cooling option. It has both the kick and the electric start options, maintenance-free battery, 5 steps adjustable rear shock absorber and tubeless tires. This model from Suzuki is more popular in the market along with other brands like Yamaha, Honda, Bajaj or Hero.

Suzuki GS 150R

The GS 150R is a 150cc motorcycle is a top competitor of other brand motorcycles in this category such as Yamaha FZs, Bajaj Pulsar, Hero Hunk or TVS Apache RTR. It has a 4-stroke air-cooled engine that gives robust acceleration to the bike. There is a rpm indicator included in this model which helps the rider to see the optimum up-shifting timing. The sporty headlight, aerodynamic shaped LED tail lamp and integrated rear turn signals give this model a very distinct and muscular look.

Suzuki Gixxer

The Suzuki Gixxer model is the first street sports bike in Indian Subcontinent motorcycle market. It has a 155cc engine and packed with style and performance. This monster is powered by unique features, style and SEP technology. It has only electric start option with 5 speed transmission.

Suzuki SlingShot Plus

This upgraded version of SlingShot offers a complete package in terms of Style, comfort and performance. It has an engine capacity of 125cc, but the fuel consumption is as 100cc bike and performs like 150cc bikes. So it is not only affordable to the bike lovers but also meet their all requirements.

Availability and Price of Suzuki Motorcycles in Bangladesh

The Rancon Motor Bikes Limited is a venture from Rangs Group which is one of the largest companies in Bangladesh. They are promoting Suzuki with a hope to make this brand available and reachable to everyone in Bangladesh. In this perspective, they have initiated to establish a plant to build Suzuki bikes in Bangladesh. As a Japanese brand, the prices of these motorcycles are bit higher than the Indian Brands like Bajaj, TVS or Hero. On the contrary performance and service is very high.

Interesting facts

Suzuki not only produces motorcycles for mass people, but it has strong appearance in the racing tracks. This company is also very popular for ATV productions which are very popular in Europe and America. Again they produce marine engines besides their car production.