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BDT 125,000

Khulna Division

Dipkumar0099 Dipkumar0099
  • 45 Km

Border ক্রস বাইক বিক্রি করা হয়,,,বাংলাদেশের যে কোনো জায়গাতে পৌঁছায় দিতে পারবো,,,এখানে খুব কম দামে বাইক সেল করা হয়,,,একদম নিউ Brand,,,,যদি যশোর আসেন তাহলে নিজে নিয়ে যেতে পারবেন,,,যদি আপনি সত্য ...

BDT 165,000

Jessore District

Jamal Ahamad
  • 450 Km

Yamaha বহু বছর ধরে ভাল মান রাখার জন্য পরিচিত এবং এই গাড়িটিও তার ব্যতিক্রম নয়। Manual ট্রান্সমিশন সিস্টেম, অনন্য ফিচার এবং 450 কিমি মাইলেজে বিশিষ্ট এই গাড়িটির মূল্য মাত্র ৳ 165000, যা কিনা বাজার...

BDT 125,000

Jessore District

Jamal Ahamad
  • 458 Km

৳ 125000 এ সুলভ মূল্যে পাচ্ছেন Yamaha R15 v2 2016 r15 v2 for sell deya jabe গাড়িটি । 458 কিমি মাইলেজ এবং Manual ট্রান্সমিশন সিস্টেম সমৃদ্ধ সাশ্রয়ী গাড়িটি আপনি হাতছাড়া করতে চাবেন...

BDT 370,000 Negotiable


Mr Aftab
  • 37 Km

Best engine condition.milage dei 37 r long a 50 per litre.DIGITAL NUMBER PLATE.Name transfer 100% possible. I'm the owner. Changes:- battery,chain spoket,brake shoe,spark plug.1month hoyese chan...

BDT 125,000

Jessore District

Jamal Ahamad
  • 560 Km

Yamaha বহু বছর ধরে ভাল মান রাখার জন্য পরিচিত এবং এই গাড়িটিও তার ব্যতিক্রম নয়। Manual ট্রান্সমিশন সিস্টেম, অনন্য ফিচার এবং 560 কিমি মাইলেজে বিশিষ্ট এই গাড়িটির মূল্য মাত্র ৳ 125000, যা কিনা বাজার...

BDT 320,000 Negotiable


  • 19,000 Km

This White & Red colored Yamaha R15 2013 Version 2.0 is a fantastic deal at just BDT320000. It comes with a Manual transmission system and has 19000km on the clock. This is a bargain you can't af...

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Yamaha R15 for sale

Yamaha R15 Motorcycles for sale in Bangladesh

The R15 was introduced to the motorcycle market in the year 2008 by India Yamaha Motors and is being manufactured with the same nameplate till date in the Sports Bike segment. The R15 is based on the Yamaha Signature YZF-R1 and encompasses a stronger configuration. The bike has just recently been replaced with the Yamaha R15 Version 2, which is a revamped breed of its predecessor. The R15’s looks have the manifestations of the R-1, designed to quench the young rider’s thirst for an adrenaline packed experience. There are no official sales points for the Yamaha R15 in Bangladesh, but you still can find quite a lot of them from local dealerships.

Yamaha R15 Review

Yamaha R15 specification

The Yamaha R-15 version 1.0 derives life out of a 149.8cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke engine paired with an intelligent 6-speed transmission generating a maximum power of 16.8Bhp @ 8500 rpm and 15 Nm of torque, reaching ravishing top speeds of 145Kph.

The R15 Version 2.0 also encompasses pretty much similar configuration with some improvements like a bump of 17 horsepowers and fuel injection. The prominent changes made in the version 2.0 include modifications in the ECU Engine Control Unit, Drivetrain Unit and Long Aluminium swingarm.

Yamaha R15 design

The Yamaha R15 motorcycle is all about classic sporty looks and performance-oriented design. The sports bike has been carved out of sheer excellence and signature Yamaha engineering expertise. The right combination of lower weight and effective ground clearance – 131 kg and 160 mm – along with a standard 1290 mm wheelbase blesses the motorbike with adequate center-of-gravity to keep its feet firmly placed on the ground. Handling is maintained through the wide front and rear radial tires, while a distinct split seat for the rear passenger adds to the persona of the R15. The chain adjustment capabilities of the R15 are similar to those used in Super Sports bikes while flashy LED tail-lights have been incorporated – adapted from the YZF-R6 – along with an improved middle-cowl design enhancing aerodynamics. Designer double mudguards and an upward thrust exhaust system design further compliment the R15’s attractiveness.

Yamaha R15 feature

The Yamaha R15 also brings along a series of promising additions to style, comfort, safety and utility. The latest 5-spoke type wheels have been paired with large 220 mm rear disc brakes to maintain balance at all times. Other notable features of the R15 include double-horns with louder and finer sound quality, digital fuel gauge, self-start, digital speedometer, step up seat, analogue tachometer, low-fuel and low-battery indicator and high oil/temperature indicator.

Yamaha R15 price in Bangladesh

Although you may not find any official dealerships offering Yamaha R15 Motorcycle for sale in Bangladesh, however, used models are available from local sources at prices around BDT 215,000 to 450,000 depending upon the model year. Below you will find the price list of Yamaha R15 in Bangladesh. Pricelist is based on the current Carmudi listings and can vary over time. And used bikes price depends on its condition, mileage, features etc. 

Yamaha R15 2014 price: Used - BDT 4, 00,000 to 4, 70,000

Yamaha R15 2013 price: Used - BDT 2, 10,000 

Yamaha R15 2012 price: Used - BDT 3, 50,000 to 4, 20,000

Yamaha R15 2011 price: Used - BDT 2, 30,000 to 2, 60,000

Why should you buy Yamaha R15?

The Yamaha R15 combines sporty performance specs with superb design and appearance to deliver everything that a true biker desires. Its price competitiveness and fuel efficiency – 32 km/l for city and 43 km/l highway – join forces with high-performance and swift handling to pose serious competition to the Honda CBR-150 and the TVS Apache RTR, making the R15 grip a wider market share over time. You should be a proud owner of a Yamaha R15 for its:

  • Outstanding design and style
  • Good fuel efficiency
  • Brilliant performance
  • Superb ride quality and handling

Interesting Facts about Yamaha R15

Given the superb power-packed ride that the R15 motorcycles promise, the Midnight Black R15 does not give you superpowers if you ride it at midnights, neither does the Sunset Red make you invincible to the risk of losing balance if you’re going at 130 K’s per hour, so a quick advice would be to always wear a helmet. Stay Safe!!